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Plumsure blockages specialise in the following:

  • Blockages in both stormwater and sewer pipework.
  • Damaged pipes due to tree roots, settling, or building works.
  • We use our CCTV equipment to locate problems and in most cases not having to excavate and create a huge mess \ disruption.
  • Cleaning and preventitive maintenance of domestic sewer lines right up to greasy trade waste or even mortuary lines.
  • Re-grading belied pipework.
  • Blocked drain caused by roots, we can cut tree roots with either our electric eel or our high pressure water jetter to clear blocked pipework.
  • Professional advice and onsite quotes.
  • Plumbing crews within the company that can either pipe line or repair pipework without delay.

Terms and Conditions for our special “fixed price blockage” offer

  • Owners (even if tenanted) must be present and payment on completion of the blockage
  • Customer must confirm and sign conditions strictly before works commence
  • Our fixed price blockage offer is only valid during our working hours which is Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
  • We reserve the right to stop the clearing of the blockage at any stage if we feel necessary
  • Fixed price offer only on residential blocked sewer drain through an accessible 80-100mm outdoor sewer point (other than the O.R.G)
  • Our CCTV camera inspection is only available for ‘visible’ broken / collapsed pipework, some paper blockages clear and we are unable to ascertain the cause (as they’re on there way to Werribee) but we will try our best to give you an idea in this case
  • We will only try and unblock for a maximum of 1 HR or when we feel we could damage our equipment or pipework
  • No allocation has been made for blockages outside the above scope of works and further charges may apply
  • Property must be on town sewer (no septic)
  • Visible connection point to ground level from main (I.S or B.T)
  • Strictly no stormwater available in this offer
  • If machinery is caught or broken in customers drainage it is the owners responsibility to pay for retrieval


  • Plumbing Industry Licence No 12684 / 52573
  • Certified GREEN PLUMBERS
  • Member of the Master Plumbers & Mechanical Services Association of Victoria for 30 years
  • Fully insured with adequate public liability insurance